Davey’s sweater

Davey’s sweater

I’ve been working on Davey’s sweater.  It’s going slowly, but it’s really fun to knit.

Today I decided I’d better try it on him to make sure that it’s not way small.  I didn’t think it would be, but better to find out now.

It’s going to be plenty big (assuming I finish it in the next month or so!).  It’s a size 8, and I was careful about gauge so hopefully it will fit him for a minute or two!…

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Sunday Stroll

Sunday afternoon we went for a little stroll.

Turns out, we went back in time!

Sunday-StrollWas pretty cool.  Davey loves time travel.

(ok no time travel.  They were setting up for our county fair which begins in a couple of weeks.)

Of course I always have to get my picture of David and Davey walking together.


We were walking down the John Wayne trail looking for the apples David had seen during his run.


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A Knitting Discovery: How to fix a dropped purl stitch

A Knitting Discovery: How to fix a dropped purl stitch

My Rock Island shawl is in timeout after I had to frog a bunch of rows of the edging.


So I started this


I haven’t gotten too far yet.


A few things:

1.  Tubular cast on.  I cast on using the long-tail cast on approach every chance I get.  I had the option to do that here, but the suggested cast on was the tubular cast on.  I think it’s supposed to have a nice finished look.  I am always…

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Upcyling: worn out t-shirts to rug

Upcyling: worn out t-shirts to rug

I’ve been seeing all sorts of posts on pinterest about making t-shirt yarn (also known as “tarn”).  I’m always up for new yarn, and I wanted to see how this worked.

What I wanted to learn was how to make a continuous length of yarn from a t-shirt. There are numerous tutorials that describe how to do this. I looked at a few including this one:  Making t-shirt yarn.

I went through our t-shirts and…

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Just a few pictures from soccer camp

Just a few pictures from soccer camp

Davey went to soccer camp this week at CWU.

For a last day celebration, the kids teamed up into two groups and played some fun games.  They called it the Wacky Olympics.  Some of the games were very wacky like the one where they had to use their mouths to dig out gum which was buried in a pile of whipped cream, and then they had chew the gum and blow a bubble.  Davey wanted no part of that game…

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A little about knitting flowers

A little about knitting flowers

I’ve been playing around with knitting flowers.  Earlier in the year, I tried out several different patterns.  I knitted some flowers that I liked, but I could never get the stem right.  I tried wire, and I tried wire and tape, but my stems were still too floppy and not very nice looking to me.

I put the flowers away for awhile.  Then the other day, I saw a picture of knitted hearts which had…

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Time Out

I’ve been working on the beautiful Rock Island.

rock island

It all seemed to be going so well.  I finished the knitting the mile long strip over the weekend.  I had my assistant help me take a picture of the strip.  He bravely balanced on the porch railing so we could demonstrate the strip’s length.


I thought I was ready to begin the next part of the shawl.  I was very excited.

Not so fast.

At one end…

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Davey’s Lemonade Stand

Davey’s Lemonade Stand

It was in the fall of last year when Davey started talking about wanting to have a lemonade stand. He had participated in a walkathon at his elementary school, and the kids raised money through pledges.  He got the idea that he wanted to raise money for this year’s walkathon by having a lemonade stand.  We promised him that we would help him do this.

So now almost a year later, the fair is…

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Our little Gladiator

Davey ran in a “Gladiator Dash” today.  It was an obstacle course which included climbing, running, hopping in a potato sack, crawling through tunnels, sliding into water, and also crawling through mud.  David was in charge of taking pictures, and he took so many great ones that it was hard for me to choose.  So I chose quite a few.

Davey was a little nervous.  He didn’t know what to expect.



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Wyatt for Davey

I’ve started a sweater for Davey.

I’ve never made him a sweater.  I started a couple, but one was absolutely huge, and the other had 8 million cables that were starting to drive me crazy.

I take that back.  I did knit him a really sweet little hoodie when he was about a year old.  I made this right after I started knitting again.


This time I am going to knit a Brooklyn Tweed pattern.  It’s…

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