Sunday Lake Outlaws

Today Davey, Buster and I headed over to our little local lake.


Buster did some serious “busting” through the water.  He got me soaking wet with his jumping around.   Davey tried leading him around in the water.  No easy feat for a little guy.


We had a little picnic of Nilla Wafers and strawberries, and we chatted.  Davey has become very very into Pokemon, and he enjoys explaining how it all…

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Lavender and Wool

I’ve been fascinated by weaving lately.  The other day I came across a picture where fiber had been woven into stems of lavender.  I kept going back to this picture, and I felt the need to give this a try.  We just happen to have lavender growing in our flower beds. Turns out I also just happen to have some yarn as well.


I had to think a little about the best way to approach this.  I decided…

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A Sweater for Lila

A Sweater for Lila

About a year ago I started a sweater for my niece.  It was a simple pattern called Daisy Chain, and what I really liked about it were the embroidered daisies on the front of the sweater.  I knitted about 2/3 of the sweater in Cascade Sport.  I was enjoying the yarn, the pattern, and I was looking forward to the embroidery part.

Then I set it down and I guess forgot about it for over a year.  Why…

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A few things about my garden

A few things about my garden

I am learning a lot about gardening this summer.

Not all of my plants are big and green.  For example, I think I could win an award for puniest most pitiful dill.  It’s supposed to be a weed I think?


It’s so spindly it can barely be captured in a photograph.  I attempted a close up.


It’s trying to go to seed already.   A friend told me that hers sometimes does better when it grows from…

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Rock Island Begins

I am a great admirer of Brooklyn Tweed and Jared Flood’s patterns.  My favorite one of his patterns that I knitted was Girasole.


His patterns are clearly written and easy for me to follow.  I’d actually love to knit Girasole again one of these days.

There is another Jared Flood pattern that I’ve dreamed about knitting for almost three years. It’s called Rock Island.

rock island

For a long time, I was kinda…

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The USA as created by Davey (with some help)

The USA as created by Davey (with some help)

Davey really likes maps.  When we go to the zoo, he likes the animals, but he really prefers to look at the zoo map.  Before we moved to Ellensburg, David picked him up a fun map of the town, and he loved studying it until we moved here.  It’s now hanging on his wall.

So I thought he might enjoying making a topographic map.  I’d been searching for map activities on pinterest, and I came across a

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Sidewalk Painting = Great Fun

Sidewalk Painting = Great Fun

I found this recipe for sidewalk paint the other day.  Of course I found it on pinterest.  The recipe was very simple so I decided to give it a try.

I am so glad I did.  We had so much fun with this!  The recipe is just one part water to one part cornstarch.  I used 4 tablespoons of water with 4 tablespoons of cornstarch for each color.  I just used some gel food coloring and made green, red and…

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A little knitting: Sinkmates!

A little knitting: Sinkmates!

I learned about a fun pattern for dishcloths a couple of weeks ago.  (Thanks Ann!)  I don’t usually make dishcloths too often because I get kind of bored with them, and I am not crazy about knitting with the dishcloth cotton.

Well, this pattern inspired me.  It’s called Sinkmates on ravelry.Sinkmates2The designer, Lorilee Beltman, is selling the pattern for $2.00.  She has donated all the proceeds from the…

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Geocaching and a Little Boy

Geocaching and a Little Boy

We are full on into summer, and it’s great, but I’ve also been trying to find new activities for us to try out.

We used to letterbox in Colorado, and it was a lot of fun.  We tried to find a letterbox in the Japanese garden on campus the other day, but it was nowhere to be found.  We followed the clues really closely, but I think the box may have been moved.

I thought it would be fun to try…

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Cherries are Pretty

Yesterday, we were lucky to be able to go pick cherries at a friend’s house.  The cherries were the tart pie variety, and that tree was loaded.  My friend had been picking for days and the tree seemed as full as ever.

Davey and his friend helped us for a little while, but they soon ran off to play.

My favorite part of picking cherries was seeing how pretty they were in the tree.  I wish I had…

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