"Town Fishin’"

“Town Fishin’”

Oh, I am happy that Spring is coming.


David took Davey fishing in the small creek that runs along the edge of campus.   It is such a pretty little creek.


I was just having a lot of fun taking pictures today.  I am also a sucker for a picture of the back of sweet Davey’s head.


He fished a little, and then he pretended a little. He’d set up a camp here.


He and David worked together to…

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Map, Ostrich Eggs, Zoo

Map, Ostrich Eggs, Zoo

Thursday we went over to the Woodland Park Zoo.  We were really happy to have a sunny afternoon for our visit.  We’d been expecting rain for most of the day.

It’s a nice zoo with lots of beautiful trails in between the walks to the animal exhibits.

Davey enjoyed the animals, but I think his favorite part was the map.


That little guy loves a map.

We took quite a few pictures of animals  so I’ve…

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Davey - formerly known as “the very picky eater” + Pinterest Success

Davey – formerly known as “the very picky eater” + Pinterest Success

Davey has developed a reputation for being a very picky eater.  For a long time, he wanted nothing to do with vegetables or basically anything that was part of a “mixture”.  He did always eat a lot of fruit though, so he got some vitamins that way (plus some gummy vitamins sometimes). Besides fruit, he mostly enjoyed peanut butter and jelly, goldfish, vanilla yogurt, cheese, Life cinnamon cereal…

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Knitting Flowers + Wires!

Knitting Flowers + Wires!

In the last week, I have become fascinated with knitting flowers. I have a pinterest board devoted to knitted flower patterns:  Knitted Flowers

Here is what first inspired me:

knitted flower

I am fascinated by that giant bouquet of knitted flowers!

So I also bought a knitted flower pattern book this weekend.  Well actually, I got two of them, but I really like this one:  Noni Designs Noni Flowers.  She is very…

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Knitting and a Jedi

Knitting and a Jedi

It is Spring Break and we are planning some serious relaxing.  I am looking forward to some serious knitting time as well.

I just finished a sweater for my sweet little one year old niece.


This is from an Ella Rae book that I bought at my LYS.  The yarn is Ella Rae also.  It’s called Cozy Soft and is an acrylic/wool blend.  It was really soft and nice to work with.  The pattern was great too.…

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Spring is Coming!

We enjoyed some time outside yesterday.


Davey was having a great time with bubbles.


We picked up a large bubble wand at the Dollar Tree.  Davey was really working at making big bubbles.


This kept him busy for a long time.


We went to our neighbors’ for a bit, and Davey was laughing and laughing at their dog who really wanted to catch a remote controlled helicopter.


I love it when…

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Some Knitting: Art Implements

Some Knitting: Art Implements

I’m taking a Literacy class this quarter and one of the requirements is to build a text set. I chose Art and Creativity for my theme, and I am working on a paper and a display to go with it.  It occurred to me that there might be a knitting opportunity in here as well.  I started looking around for patterns, and I found a few that I have now knitted up.

I found a pattern for a tube of paint and…

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Umtanum Falls…almost: Icey Rode A Hed!

Umtanum Falls…almost: Icey Rode A Hed!

We decided to try a new hike today.  There is a waterfall called Umtanum Falls about 10 miles out of town.  Such a pretty drive into the Yakima canyon.  There was also quite abit more snow out there then in town so Davey of course loved this.

The hike to the falls is about a mile walk.  It’s pretty flat and wasn’t too difficult except for being a little slick in areas.  There seemed to be a thick…

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Daddy Daughter Dance

Davey came home from school the other day with a flier.  He handed it to me and asked me to tell him what it said.

I told him that it was an announcement about a “Father Daughter Dance”.  It was a special time for dads to go have dinner and to dance with…

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happy valentines.I knitted some hearts for Valentines Day.  It had been such a busy week and I decided that on…View Post

happy valentines.

I knitted some hearts for Valentines Day.  It had been such a busy week and I decided that on…

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