Wyatt in Progress

A couple of weeks ago, I began the process of joining the arms to the body of my Wyatt sweater that I am making for Davey.

Once the arms and body are joined together, than I will begin to knit the yoke and neck which will look like this:


When I joined, I had to bind off six stitches in the center.  This is where I ceased knitting in the round, and instead began knitting back and forth.  This is…

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Little Red Riding Hood and Willy Wonka

Little Red Riding Hood and Willy Wonka

A few weeks ago, I finished knitting a little red cape for my sweet little niece.  redhood1

It’s a free pattern from Petite Purls.  This was really fun to knit.  I used Cascade 220 Superwash and held two strands together.  I always enjoy knitting with that wool.

It required one button at the front, and I was able to find the perfect button (well thanks to the help of a good knitting friend).



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Quite a week

It’s been the week of the sick kid here.  I usually just write about fun stuff, and I thought I should write about the more un-fun parts sometimes too!  This was definitely an un-fun week (for the most part – there were still some happy moments).

Davey got sick on Tuesday.  First he had just a mild fever and cold symptoms, but then his fever kept climbing.  He’d never had a temp of over 102, so…

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Buster is 2!

Buster’s second birthday was last Saturday.  It was very important to Davey that we get Buster presents, and that we make him a cake.  So after his soccer games, he went with me to buy Buster some presents.

We somewhat hastily wrapped them.  I kinda draw the line at over the top wrapping for a dog no matter how awesome he is (not to mention that my wrapping skills are never over the top for…

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Soccer begins - 2014

Soccer begins – 2014

Davey started soccer yesterday.  A year ago, we’d just moved here and we didn’t know anyone when we took Davey to his first soccer game.  What a difference a year makes!  I love our littlish town.  Davey knew at least two kids on each team he played.  I chatted with friends we’ve made over the last year.  It was beautiful outside – cool and sunny.  What a fun day.

Davey’s team decided that they…

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Fair 2014

We had a big busy long weekend. Ellensburg Fair! My mom also came to visit and she experienced it with us.

Davey had a great time. We entered things in the fair and so received our exhibitors’ passes which gave us entry all five days.

Davey won a blue ribbon with his “Love” painting.  He was very proud.


He really embraced the rides this year, and he fearlessly rode just about every ride he…

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Davey’s sweater

Davey’s sweater

I’ve been working on Davey’s sweater.  It’s going slowly, but it’s really fun to knit.

Today I decided I’d better try it on him to make sure that it’s not way small.  I didn’t think it would be, but better to find out now.

It’s going to be plenty big (assuming I finish it in the next month or so!).  It’s a size 8, and I was careful about gauge so hopefully it will fit him for a minute or two!…

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Sunday Stroll

Sunday afternoon we went for a little stroll.

Turns out, we went back in time!

Sunday-StrollWas pretty cool.  Davey loves time travel.

(ok no time travel.  They were setting up for our county fair which begins in a couple of weeks.)

Of course I always have to get my picture of David and Davey walking together.


We were walking down the John Wayne trail looking for the apples David had seen during his run.


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A Knitting Discovery: How to fix a dropped purl stitch

A Knitting Discovery: How to fix a dropped purl stitch

My Rock Island shawl is in timeout after I had to frog a bunch of rows of the edging.


So I started this


I haven’t gotten too far yet.


A few things:

1.  Tubular cast on.  I cast on using the long-tail cast on approach every chance I get.  I had the option to do that here, but the suggested cast on was the tubular cast on.  I think it’s supposed to have a nice finished look.  I am always…

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Upcyling: worn out t-shirts to rug

Upcyling: worn out t-shirts to rug

I’ve been seeing all sorts of posts on pinterest about making t-shirt yarn (also known as “tarn”).  I’m always up for new yarn, and I wanted to see how this worked.

What I wanted to learn was how to make a continuous length of yarn from a t-shirt. There are numerous tutorials that describe how to do this. I looked at a few including this one:  Making t-shirt yarn.

I went through our t-shirts and…

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